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Three critical items (pepper spray, taser, alarm) will keep you protected by bringing an attacker to the ground, giving you enough time to get away and get help. These products are non-lethal AND incredibly effective and because of this will change the way you experience day-to-day living; making you feel better about going it alone, in group, on that run, hike, ride, that night out with the girls, or just the simple walk from work to your car, or campus to your residence. That means one thing off your mind so you can enjoy your life the way you are meant to. OUR COMMITMENT: To stock the store with products we trust, from suppliers as passionate about safety as we are. We love that we can help you and your friends and family live more safely. We are making it easier with each new product we stock in the store, and with the launch of the ‘homesafely app’ Sassy. Strong. Sporty. Single-minded. Successful. Studious. Safe. That’s securebessie.

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