HomeSafely: Follow Your Loved Ones Home Safely!

You know we often say to each other, text me when you are home; and often you forget to do that? That can cause concern and if you do run into trouble, no one would be aware or able to help.

The HOME SAFELY APP is about solving that communication problem between family and friends: by setting up your journey and sending the link via the various share buttons, you’ll be prompted to send a pre-written messages i.e. ‘follow me’, ‘I’m home safely’ and ‘Help’ messages at the start and end of your journeys, or in the event of an emergency.

Use the SOS button if you are in trouble to send a message and your location to your emergency contacts for added safety. Choose family, close friends or even your security company as your SOS contacts.

Download the app then add your emergency contacts.

Once done, login and begin using the system

Add your destination e.g. home; then your address in the first two fields. Add your username and password and choose whether walking/running, biking or driving. Once done, login and begin using the system.
Click the HomeSafely logo at the bottom of your map screen and share your journey via sms, WhatsApp, email and so on. Send your first message; and remember at the end of the journey to share your ‘HomeSafely’ message.

Tracking Session Expired.

Approx. 15 minutes after you are at your destination, this screen will appear.



HomeSafely: FREE Communication For Safety APP

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