Smart Personal Alarm with GPS and APP

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Ferguson Personal SOS Alarm and GPS: This is such a clever, beautiful emergency personal alarm system with GPS tracker. We love it. We’ve not seen another one like it so we decided to bring it to South Africa. Get it, download the app, pair the device to the app and stay safe from that day forward. It’s especially useful to keep kids safe, young students heading off to University or college, and when out and about in the city or outdoor activity.



After testing a number of different personal alarm with GPS tracking devices, our favourite is definitely the Ferguson Smart Whistle.

Why? It’s effective, easy to use, the battery lasts as long as is proclaimed (which often is not the case) and its really well designed – it’s beautiful. It makes us feel good about using it. It doesn’t feel too technical, while at the same time we know it’s clever – so we feel more clever, if you know what we mean. When we opened ours for the first time, we got that warm happy-shopper fuzzy feeling.

We feel proud we found this product that combines a personal alarm and a GPS communicator and that we can bring it to South Africa with our partner Ferguson. The Ferguson Smart Whistle is the ideal protection for everyone.

Oh, and you can only buy this SMART, sophisticated and beautiful personal alarm with tracking GPS from

  • The device pairs with a SMART, easy-to-use APP that acts as the GPS communicator.
  • Use the whistle to sound the alarm in a dangerous or emergency situation and draw attention to the situation so it can be diffused, or immediate assistance can be sought.
  • Use the panic button to quietly alert your emergency contacts of your whereabouts via SOS sms, email or call (either text or by pre-recorded video)
  • In the event of an emergency, a discrete map with your location is sent via SMS/email to the contacts you defined. Information is updated every 2-3 minutes, so that in emergency situation, you contacts receive as close as possible location shown on the map.
  • Super easy for kids to use so you can keep them safe; they can send SOS text and emails, or emergency calls to your pre-selected contacts by simply holding down the panic button for 2 seconds. It’s all silent keeping them even safer while you can get to them in their moment of need.
  • Extremely durable and the battery lasts for two months!
  • Quickly and easily set up your account to access your free sms’s and recharge at a small fee (R30 for 15 or more sms’s) ONLY as you need them. Payment plans are designed to suit your needs and are only activated by you.


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